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Invisalign®: A Case Study

Invisible braces
Discreet, transparent aligner trays.

Case studyInvisalign® can provide effective and discreet treatment for even difficult cases. Also, successful treatment with Invisalign® results in a satisfying experience for both the dentist and the patient.

Patient: Stephanie was unhappy with her crooked and crowded teeth and wanted a prettier smile, but she didn’t want to use traditional braces. She didn’t like the obviousness of metal braces and instead wanted it to look like she didn’t have braces on.

We had originally declined to use Invisalign® for this case because we felt the needed restoration may be beyond the parameters of Invisalign®’s ability to fix.

Treatment: We started the process with the use of maxillary and mandibular expansion  appliances before moving onto treatment with Invisalign®. Stephanie was super diligent at home and closely followed our instructions which is one very important reason why it worked out so well!

“I can not be any happier with the results of doing Invisalign®. I get so many complements on my new smile. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made! – Stephanie

Invisalign® involves using a series of clear aligner trays to gently move the teeth into their desired position. The trays are changed out about every two weeks or so to the next in the series.

teeth with whitening tray
Trays can be removed for eating and brushing the teeth.

The trays are removable for eating and for brushing, but for the optimum result they should be worn for 22 out of every 24 hour period. Wearing them less then recommended can negatively effect the result or prolong the treatment – constant, gradual pressure is the key to success with Invisalign®.

For me, the best part was being able to help Stephanie achieve the results she wanted, in the way she wanted, without metal braces. And I loved seeing her excitement over how well it turned out.” – Dr. Johnson

Invisalign® has proven to be able to take on even the difficult cases and provide beautiful, satisfying results. Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? Discreet and effective Invisalign® may be the right option for you. Call our office at (403) 320-5101 or contact us online. As a Preferred Provider of Invisalign® invisible braces Dr. Johnson can help you decide if this is the right treatment for you.

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