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Interested in Teeth Whitening?!

Are your teeth stained from drinking coffee or tea? Going to an event and want your smile to sparkle? Or possibly you smoke and are noticing your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. There are plenty of reasons to want to bleach your teeth, and we have exactly what you’re looking for here at Destination Dentistry.

Just a couple things to be aware of:

Tooth whitening gel will only whiten natural teeth, so if you have crowns, bridges, fillings, or any other artificial dental work, be sure to consult Dr. Johnson first! Sensitivity is also common, but not harmful. If you do experience excess sensitivity, reduce usage time and/or frequency until the sensitivity subsides.

It is important that you apply the whitening get properly so you can get the best results possible and experience little to no sensitivity. Therefore, make sure to ask one of our staff members to give you detailed instructions!

Please call your Lethbridge Dentist today to find out more about whitening!


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